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Jenny Brock

The Turkey Trot all began with a conversation between Jenny Brock and Jane Myron over 13 years ago.  Jenny continues to serve as the Vice Chair on the Up & At ’em Board of Directors.


Becky Buchanan

Becky Buchanan is our newest member to the Up & At ’em Board of Directors.  However, she served as the communication specialist for the Turkey Trot throughout the years.


Mark Finucane

Mark Finucane started his journey with us as the representative from the Johnson City Fire Department.  He now serves as the Chairman of theUp & At ’em Board of Directors.


Charlie Harmon

Charlie Harmon was the original race director for the Turkey Trot  and continues to support the event while serving as the treasure on the Up & At ’em Board of Directors.


Alice Spurling

Alice Spurling’s family has been involved with the Turkey Trot throughout the years as volunteers and participants.  We were blessed several years ago when she decided to join the Up & At ’em Board of Directors and serve as our secretary.

Up & At 'Em Inc. has given back to the community over $150,000 through donations to health and fitness programs as well as local schools.

Event Management by The Goose Chase

For the past five years, The Goose Chase has managed the Turkey Trot and assisted with day-to-day activities throughout the year.  We are truly grateful for our partnership with them.